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In the summer of 2013, I suddenly found myself with a new, massive hobby. I'd always been drawn to certain aspects of fashion, particularly older looks and quirky styles, but I'd never truly considered "true" vintage an option for me. I didn't know where to find it, what it looked like, or what to buy. 

All it took was one trip to a garage sale, though, and a rack of various 1970s dresses and blouses that didn't fit me for me to suddenly realize that I too could start my own vintage fashion business. I bought the dresses up, and was immediately hooked!

That summer I began Big City Small Town Vintage on Etsy (named fondly in reference to the city of Columbus where I reside), and it's been a constant fixture in my life since. Much like everything else that feels right in one's life, the amount of work its taken has been immense, but its also felt entirely natural and tremendously rewarding.

Now, approximately six years later, I still continue to grow and evolve my business, including with the opening of this official site. Over the years I've found that I especially adore vintage fashion with a "romantic" appeal; linen and lace, mysterious and dignified, gothic and romantic. I hope to provide as many people as possible with quality and unique vintage pieces that will spark their imaginations, as well as the interest of others in vintage clothing!

Jamie Bollenbacher, 4/5/19

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