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I've spent hours trying to dig up some sort of illuminating information on this elusive piece, but to no avail! All I do know for certain is that I purchased it at the estate of a woman who owned a small local boutique in the 70's (this piece was not from her boutique, rather, but from her own personal closet), and that via del Corso is THE street to travel to if you want to do some shopping in Italy. Most likely, Alberto Moscovi (Mosconi?) was sold at a very small boutique at one point in time on that famous street, and any information about it is nearly impossible to find. This piece is quality made, though, with a lovely 20's or 30's look in a beautiful colorway of burgundy and blue!

+ No material tag, but it definitely feels like a rayon knit
+ V-neckline with crochet detail and dark blue tie
+ Thicker hem
+ Unlined
+ Freshly laundered and ready to wear

Approximately a size Medium, please see measurements for best fit.

1980s Rayon Knit Pullover in Burgundy

  • Label: Alberto Moscovi
    Tag Size: Italian size 46, see measurements for best fit
    Material: NA, feels like rayon
    Circa: 1980s?

Questions? Feel free to ask!

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